xy coodinates of an offset of an ellipse

Jan 2010
I have a trig problem. I’m sure the math would be easy for many of the people on here. However, its difficult to explain what the problem is. That’s why I need to explain it in pictures.
I would REALLY appreciate some help on this. I know it is a big ask for you to print out all these pictures.
I have two problems. The first is a math problem however, I’m not very good with math. That is the second problem as I’m not so good at writing spreadsheets. I’m hoping someone write the answer on a spreadsheet.
I apologize for the confusing layout of the requested spreadsheet as its part of another one. I can’t release it as I don’t own it.
Attached are a few drawings. I'll post a reply so that I can send more drawings

I need to calc an ellipse from the values in cell b16
I need to calc ns 1 and 2 . They are - cell b15 (minor axis)/2*0.75
I need to calc an offset from this ellipse. Cell B 20
From the angles given on B21 – B 35, I need to find the dimensions of drawings 1 - 4