what is Sum of five odd number?

Dec 2016
If you consider "x" as an odd number then if you add any even to x, the number will be odd.
Summing x,x+4,x+12,x+18,x+24
We get 5x+58. Which is not divisible by 3 or 5 and is not even or prime number. So none of the above is the answer.
You should have never resurrected this thread from 2012. Anyway,
part of your reasoning is wrong. For instancr, if x = 1, 5x + 58 = 63, which
is divisible by 3. For instance, If x = 3, 5x + 58 = 73, which is prime. Thus,
it *can* happen in those categories.


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Aug 2006
The question is:
What is sum of five odd numbers
b)divisible by three
c)divisible by 5
d)a prime number
e)none of the above
Consider $\Large{3+7+15+19+33=77}$
Now is it clear that (e) is the answer?