What do I do after a Principle Component Analysis

Mar 2017
So, I work mainly with biological data, and in this case I have data from environmental measurements such as canopy cover, ground cover, species diversity, etc. I measured this data on 4 sites that were grazed by cattle, then the same measurements were taken after the cattle were removed on the same for sites.
Fun, right?

Anyway, I ran a PCA using SPSS which, for the most part, is pretty easy to understand. HOWEVER, now that I have the prominent components in my analysis, what do I do with that data?


MHF Helper
Sep 2012
Hey kdunn151.

You should probably give us the question you are trying to answer and put the answer of the PCA in context with that answer you are trying to answer.

The PCA vectors will order the random variables in order of descending contribution to variance of total sample so they will explain the dependent variable as much as possible given the number of choices of independent random variables that you wish to keep.