Using Zip Code to Analyze Binary Data in SAS

Jun 2015
San Bernardino
My outcome variable is the occurrence of Parkinson's Disease in an individual or not (0, 1). My covariates include age, sex, Ozone Exposure (categorized 1 2 3 4: low med med-high high) and Particulate Matter Exposure (categorized 1 2 3 4: low med med-high high), and Zip code.

The problem: I am unsure of what to do with the zip code variable. I want to try to run Proc SurveyLogistic and use the Cluster command for zip code but the problem is there are not enough subjects in each zip code. Some Zip codes have only 1 subject in them. Then I was thinking of grouping Zip Codes somehow and then clustering on this new grouping variable. I do not know how to go about this.

If there is any advice or examples you can offer, please do.
Thank you!


MHF Helper
Sep 2012
Hey Nives1.

You will need to create a new data set (use the DATA batch file) and then create a new variable with a set of IF or CASE statements and assign each subset of values to some other one.

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