Turning LaTeX into PDF

Oct 2012
After using these forums for months I learnt how to write in LaTeX but not my friend showed me how he had written his Latex in notepad and turned it into a PDF which I thought was quite cool. I am now writing some mathematical documents over my holiday and I'd also like to know how to convert it into a PDF document.
Could someone explain how this is done/suggest any software I'd need to do it.
Sep 2006
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How did your friend do it?
Did he write the LaTeX code in Notepad, copy the code into a LaTeX editor, and then copy the displayed equation into yet another application before converting it into a PDF?

What software are you using to write your documents?
If you are using Word, you might have to save the equation as a graphic and then embed the image in your Word document, and then publish it as a PDF document.

Perhaps other members will have other suggestions.


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Oct 2009
Download any popular implementation of LaTeX for your operating system (such as MiKTeX for Windows or TeX Live), install it according to the enclosed instructions and read some README or other introduction about how to write LaTeX files. Every LaTeX implementation includes the program pdflatex that compiles LaTeX files into PDF.
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Oct 2012
Thank you for your advice, I got it working :D
Mar 2013
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Install PrimoPDF. write the LaTeX equation and other sentences in RTF or Word Format and convert it in PDF through it.