True and false selection: System of linear equations

Dec 2014
My professor assigned some true and false questions to prepare for the midterm coming up and didn't give us an answer key, so I don't know if I am approaching this true and false questions correctly, they are:

c) A system of three linear equations with six unknowns cannot have a unique solution.[TRUE/FALSE]
d) A system of six linear equations with 3 unknowns cannot have more than 1 solution.[TRUE/FALSE]
e) The system of two equations + √3 = 1 and + √3 = 0 is a linear system.[TRUE/FALSE]
f) A linear system of the form Ax = 0 containing eight equations and ten unknowns hasinfinitely many solutions. [TRUE/FALSE]
g) Every linear system of the form Ax = 0 has at least 1 solution. [TRUE/FALSE]

could anyone help me to understand these questions?


MHF Helper
Sep 2012
Hey chakana101.

Can you please show us an attempt (partial is ok if you can't do full) please?