The lack of use of Latex here at MHF

Apr 2012
It has come to my attention here which is such in that how many forum members here avoid the Latex formula editor system.

For simple problems it can be given the benefit of the doubt, but for more detailed problems where each of which requires a more detailed response, you are, unfortunately, impaired. The deficiency of use of parentheses contributes to this quite significantly.

If you lack the confidence to post using Latex for the first time with no prior experience, like myself, then you can go 'advanced' and continue to review your post indefinitely; until you are happy you have got the 'hang of it'. It will take you (roughly) a whole evening in order to iron out any of your mistakes whilst using the formula editor system. Practice makes perfect.

Side-note for the disclaimer: You can find all the relevant code to 'punch-in' here: Latex Math Symbols
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Aug 2012
I have a problem with LaTeX – I don't know how to put mathematical equations and symbols in listings. I use the listings package and it's offers great looking listings, but it doesn't allow math symbols in $ ... $. Another package, algorithms, allows math, but listings doesn't look as good as with listings (the problem is that algorithms demands to get new line after every if, then, etc.)


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