Solve this Interest returns with principal

May 2018

There are two plans:

A) which pays 4.5% for 34 business days, so at the end you get 153%, ie;return of principal 100% and 53% Profit.

Daily interest earnings get paid daily and can be withdrawn and reinvested in same plan A or below plan B. Principal can be withdrawn only at the end of 34 days.

B) The fixed plan, runs for 12 calander days, so at the end you will receive 112% back ie; return of principal 100% and profit 12%

So gets bit confusing to decide which one has higher returns say for a period of 50 days. Both looks same.

is it better to first invest in plan A and since here I can withdraw interest, I can reinvest in plan B and in plan B doesn’t allow daily withdrawal, reinvest again after 12 days or how to mix and match A and B to get maximum benefit

A ) is business days ( excludes sat, sun)so comes to approx.46 calendar days.

B) includes sat, sun