RSA encryption process

May 2010
Atlanta, GA
Needing to see a solution to de is congruent to 1 mod phi of pq. pq needs to be > 9875040
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Mar 2010
Go through the RSA encryption/decryption process for the message which is 9785004. First choose two prime numbers so their product is larger than 9875004.
Have you tried doing this yourself? There is some time involved, but the procedure itself is not too difficult, probably the hardest parts are finding a modular inverse (when solving \(\displaystyle de\equiv1\ \text{(mod }\varphi(pq)\text{)}\)), and then modular exponentiation for encrypting and decrypting. Please show some work and let us know where you are getting stuck, also please tell us whether you're allowed to use a computer algebra system (CAS) like PARI/GP or Mathematica, or if you need to do everything by hand, or with a pocket calculator, etc.