Prove that the vertical separation of the graphs is...

Mar 2010
Okay, I have a question asking me to:

Prove that the vertical separation between the graphs is 6x - 2x^2 for 0 < x < 3 (should be equal to inequality signs, but dunno how to do those).

What exactly do they mean by "prove"? Do I just put in values between 0 and 3 for x and compare it to values on the graph..?


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Apr 2005
If you mean that you are given two graphs, y= f(x) and y= g(x), then the "vertical separation" is the difference betwee the "y" coordinates: f(x)- g(x) or g(x)- f(x) depending on which graph is higher (it's actually, |f(x)- g(x)|). You can't put in all values between 0 and 3- leave it as "x".
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