PLEASE HELP! Rotating conic sections makes absolutely no sense at all whatsoever!

Apr 2013
Here's the current scenario:
Our current math teacher has a student teacher this year. He's absolutely awful at teaching. He's been teaching the rotation of conic sections unit and pretty much NO ONE understands what's going on.
He teaches it with the assumption that we all have learned conics before, and that we all have done in-depth parabola analysis (only 3 out of the 40 kids in the class have) and he's incredibly difficult to understand.
So far, one girl has been pushed to tears in frustration with this topic.

I have a test on rotating conics tomorrow and I honestly don't even know how to begin.

Could you please explain how to do any of the following problems? These are some of the problems on a practice test I got online for rotating conics.
Honestly, any advice you could provide at ALL would be extremely, extremely helpful.

1. For the two conics, rotate the axis, find the informational form of the conic in x bar, y bar and graph showing relation to both sets of axis.
a. xy = 9 b. x^2+3xy+y^2+x+x-1=0

2. Find the center and radius for x^2+y^2+6x+8y=0

3. Find the pertinent informtion about the conic 2x^2+3xy+2y^2+4x-6y-3=0 in the x, y place and show graph in the xy plane