Normal Distribution Percentile Calculator

Apr 2008
WARNING: Beer soaked rambling/opinion/observation/reckoning ahead. Would be readers can take it seriously or take it with a grain of salt. In no event shall the wandering quixotic math knight-errant Sir jonah in his inebriated state (usually in his dead tired but mentally revived inebriated state) be liable to anyone for special, collateral, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of the use of his "enhanced" beer (and tequila/absinthe) powered views.
Given mean, standard deviation, and a percentile, this determines the percentile ranking.Percentile for Normal Distribution Calculator
Sorry but I'm tempted to bracket all this guy's contributions as spam because they're no use to anyone.
Personally, meliketh Sir mathceleb's posts. What be the basis for thy opinion Sir Matt if you don't mind my asking?
Feb 2008
Berkeley, Illinois

Thanks for the kind words. A few notes about my posting in this forum. A few years ago, I posted in this forum often. I left eventually to respect forum guidelines as our site tried a premium model. We switched back to a free/hybrid model over a year ago. A few weeks back, I asked topsquark personally for permission to post in the forum again. He requested a few changes to our page structure to remove any language soliciting paid tutoring. I did this, and received permission to post. Just like a few years ago, my checks for posting are this:

1) Does any other site have the subject in question AND show the step by step math work like we do? If the answer is yes, I do not post
2) Is this a topic such as conversion which hundreds of sites have which is easy and cookie cutter? If yes, I do not post
3) If an MHF member requests a feature or asks me to build a new calculator, I do this.

So in response to the other thread about Google having calculators, I did not find any calculators with simple and compound discount which lay out the step by step math for you, hence the reason for my post.

I just wanted to post free resources which show all the step by step work. However, if forum members feel it's not valuable, I understand and will cease posting. I'm a fan of the site, and do not wish to ruffle any feathers. I share the same passion as others with respect to math tutoring.