MATLAB technical issues - computer going out the window soon!

Mar 2016

I had major problems with MATLAB so uninstalled and reinstalled the program. The first time it reinstalled however I got the same error messages. I checked java and deleted old matlab files (I have a backup of important programs) and now I am getting an error message that I have attached a screen shot of.

I don't understand why a new installation is asked for a file thread from Matlab? I have tried looking at the help link to no avail.

So I have two questions:
1. Does anyone know how to fix this and;
2. Is there anywhere I can go except calling Mathworks to get help with this (they were meant to call me today but didn't).

The errors I were getting were rendering the program useless and I can't remember the exact timeframe but started after installing El Capitan as that was the only way I could get my wifi to work. I was going to try reverting to yosemite but given the current error don't think that will help at the moment!

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards