Mathtype alignment help

Jul 2014
hello all ! (Hi)

I have one doubt regarding alignment in mathtype software

I want to type like this

But i end up like this when i click " align at = < > .. " in format options

can anybody help me how can i type like in 1st image..Thanks ! (Itwasntme)
Apr 2008
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I'm sorry I hadn't noticed your question before today. Perhaps you found an answer; perhaps you didn't. For the benefit of anyone else watching the thread though, I'll reply.

There are at least 4 ways to align the equations like you want, but first realize that the alignment options in MathType's Format menu apply to the entire object in the MathType editing window. There's no way to make it apply to only some of the lines. So here are the ways to align as you want:

  1. Enter the first line ("The polynomial function...") in Word (or whatever other application you're using MT with). Type the remaining equations as one object in MathType, and use "Align at =".
  2. Type it all in MT, as you've done, but rather than "Align at =", use Alignment Marks on the lines you want to align. (Search in MathType Help for "alignment mark".) The alignment in this case won't be perfect, because of the space between the close parentheses and the = symbol in the first equation.
  3. Type it all in MT, and use a 4x2 matrix for the 4 equations.
  4. Type it all in MT, and use "relational tabs" to align the 4 equations. (Search in MathType Help for "relational tab".) This is the method that I believe is best, and is the method I've used here (click for larger version):

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