Academic Guidance Long Over Due Thank You!

Sep 2012
Dear Math Help Forum,

I think I was in high school , 10th grade, when I miraculously stumbled on this forum. I must have been stuck on some math problem, and googled for help , and behold the Math Help Forum was suggested to me.
I made an account, and began posting my problems. You were my teachers away from school, and to be honest, I don't think I would have succeed in my education if it weren't for the help I received here. You helped me away from school, which I believe was instrumental in teaching me how to "learn" maths. The internet is truly a powerful tool. I don't know how many math problems I would have "given up" on if it weren't for your explanations and help. I remember that some of my earliest posts on here involved quadratic and parabolic problems !

Now, I have finished my last math course, and about to graduate university. I will always have this forum in my heart and to every one who has helped me.

I've been looking through my post history, and these usernames among many others stand out in memory for always helping me out !

@Plato @topsquark @Archie @romsek @Prove It @chiro @skeeter @HallsofIvy @Idea

I have been thinking of writing this post for some time, and here it is. Thank you once again!

I wish you all the best of luck, and I will always lurk around from time to time !

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