imo problems

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Feb 2010
in the 4th dimension
can anybody please give me a link to a pdf file containing all IMO problems till date!
it will be very helpful(Nod)
May 2009
""IMO problems "" what do you mean IMO shortcut for what
Mar 2010
yes,but the link has separate pdf files for each year.i want a single pdf containing all the problems posed in earlier years.(Crying)please help!
I'm not sure whether there could be a singe PDF containing all the problems over the years (because it would be pointless?). Most contain limited number of problems of one topic (e.g. Inequalities). There are books, however, which contain most, if not all, of the problems over the years, with multiple solutions and theorems and methods and techniques and what-nots. If you are planning on doing really well on the IMO, then don't only concentrate on the official six problems. It is neither ideal nor good enough for practice purposes. Do the longlists and shortlists (a warning, though - some shortlisted problems are ridiculously harder than those which make it in the end, which might as well explain why they were omitted to begin with).
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