Imaginary Ebola virus spread and death model to help the United Nation

Nov 2009
I am trying to model Imaginary Ebola Virus spread and pass away model.

if at 0th second there is total 1 person affected in a town of 25,000,
after 5th 2 person total,
after 10th 4 person total,
after 15th 8 person total,
after 20th 15 person total,
and continues and at the beginning of every 5th level (levels mod 5 = 0) of affliction all the people 5th level back pass away.


I want to formulate a Model to help the United Nation.
So that they know how fast they have to act and how fast world community must act.
Then how long will it take before all people are affected and pass away if the nothing is done and the world community does not act at all?

Here is the map:



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Apr 2005
What is your expertise? I would think that the United Nations already has well educated people working on this.
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Dec 2013
Typically such models are done via differential equations (or systems of equations) with parameters such as infection rates, death rates of infected people, death rates of non-infected people, etc..