I extremely need help with the codes for this MATLAB project

Jan 2016
I need help with this project in MATLAB

1. Represent while marking on the axis the significant values for the signals x1(t), x2(t) and x3(t) for 10 periods, 20 periods and 40 periods. (you should use the vectorial method).
x1(t)=10t^2-8t+14 for t included in the domain [o;30] [ms]
x2(t)=x1(t)*dirac_T1(t); *=convolution; T1=30
x3(t)=x1(t)*dirac_T2(t); *=convolution; T2=60

2. Recover Half-wave and double alternating the signals x4(t) si x5(t). (plot them)

x4(t)=x1(t)*SUM_from_k=0_to_20{(-1)^k x dirac(t-k x T1)}; x=product; * convolution

x5(t)=x1(t)*SUM_from_k=0_to_20{(-1)^(k+1) x dirac(t-k x T2)}; x=product; * convolution

3.calculate the continue components of the signals x2(t) and x3(t) considering on an infinite period. (must have an accuracy of 6 decimal places)

4. Represent the signal: x1(t) without continue component; x2(t) without continue component; x3(t) without continue component, considering the signals at the point 3..