Histogram help

Jun 2010
An analyst records the Top 800 businesses in world and codes them by the type of industry they are in. Below is a selection of these showing their corresponding codes

Finance - 1
Food - 2
Health - 3
Insurance - 4
Retailing - 6
Defence - 11
Energy -12
Capital Good - 14
Computers - 16
Entertainment - 17
Electrics 18
Other 19

This is the releveant histogram

Q - what accounts for the gaps seen and what advice would you give to the analyst about the appropriateness of this display.


MHF Helper
Sep 2008
Because the data is catergorical the x-axis needs more detail if the histogram is any use at all. It is nearly impossible to locate each industry indicator.

Given how badly the x-axis is organised it is difficult to suggest exactly why these gaps are seen or what they mean.