Hi Please help I'm really confused!!

Jul 2015
Boston, MA
Hi! I really just don't get this question and I'm so stuck on it; i just cannot figure it out. Please help me!!
Here it is:

A pilot in a helicopter sights an ambulance heading toward an accident scene. He measures the angles of depression to the ambulance and the accident to be 21° and 15°, respectively. If the helicopter is 4000 ft from the ambulance, how far does the ambulance have to travel to get to the accident?

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Sep 2012
Hey lolhelpme.

The first thing I would recommend is to draw the diagram you have. You should have a triangle with one line representing the road or a straight line that has the ambulance and accident. You know two angles and a side which is enough to know a triangle and you can use results like the sine rule or cosine rule to get other angles or sides of a triangle given that you know the others.

Do you know the sine and cosine rule for triangles?
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