Hello, I'm a Developper !

Jan 2016
Happy New Year !
I'm new to this forum, I am an independant Computer Scientist from Toulouse in France,
I'm mostly using math for Computer Generated Images in which there are a lots of Maths and Algorithms...

I wanted to present you my last project, a free App for tablets and smartphones, but I've just read it is
forbidden to advertise things here, except if the moderators allows it.
Well it's not even released, and I'm just looking for serious user advices and testers about a very experimental tool.
Mainly, it allows to edit your equations and functions with vector shapes and a specific keyboard.
It's worth a look. I made a video:
I would be extremely Glad if people could give me their advices about it and
what could be the feature of your dream as mathematicians.
And If you think It would be useless to you, I'm also interested in some feedback.
If you know how to install an APK on android, there is a free beta version here:
Thank you ! I'm open to any question.
Sep 2006
Between my ears
Hello, "Chlorogrunge".

Welcome to the Math Help forums. We are glad you joined us.

These forums are an excellent resource: lots of good information and many knowledgeable members here.

It is a great place for the sharing of ideas. I am sure you will learn a lot here.

(Hopefully, you came to be a regular member; not just to make a one-time promotion of your work.)

Looking forward to your participation in the forums.
Jan 2016
I can't find find the function to modify previous posts...
The APK I posted before didn't work on Android 5 Lollipop ! I have a fixed version, improved by feedback of people on forums !
This is also easier to graph functions.
Feb 2014
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You can edit old posts only for a limited time.