Free Maths sofware

Jun 2015
Hi Guys I joined today and got a dilemma, I need to find out the solution for this maths problem for my course.

Between the numbers 1-49 I must select 6 numbers. But these 6 numbers selected must be added together and must total up to 108. I require to know how many combination they would be and what the selection of the numbers would be too.

Is there a software that is free that can do this and is user friendly too ?

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Sep 2012
Washington DC USA
I don't know about software - other than writing your own in a general programming language. Javascript would certainly be sufficient for this kind of thing, and it costs you nothing, and it runs right on your browser. Of course, you need to know how to BOTH program javascript, and see how to convert this problem into an algorithm, for that to do you any good.

The important question to clarify this problem is to know if the numbers must be distinct or not.

The basic idea with kind of of problem is that, once you've chosen 5 numbers, then the 6th number is already determined (as 108 minus the sum of those five).

There are two complications:
1) That 6th number might not be in the range 1-49.
2) If repetitions are not allowed, then that 6th number might be forced to be equal to one of the five numbers you already have.
Jun 2015
Hi thanks for your response really appreciated.

I am sorry to say I am not good at general programming language or Java script. The numbers selected for example 2 + 3 + 4 +13 +42 +44 = 108.
The 6 numbers selected can not be repeated in the selection of the 6. However in the next selection the numbers can be selected again as long as the all the numbers are not the same one or 2 numbers will have to be different to get all the correct combination available.

I hope this makes it easier to work out if possible.