Force with different magnitude.

May 2019
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1578207395470.pngIn the figure above, there is a desk on the floor, and a box lies on the surface of the desk. If all of the objects in the figure are at rest, which of the following forces is different from the other three forces in magnitude?

1) The force that the box applies on the table.

2) The supporting force exerted by the table towards the box.

3) The supporting force exerted by the floor towards the table.

4)The downward pull of gravity that the box experiences.

My attempt:- How can i answer this question? and which answer you will choose? I am not the physics student, so my answer may be wrong.
Dec 2014
1, 2, and 4 are all the same = weight of the box

3 = weight of the box + weight of the table
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