Flexible math software that can run multiple processes together - suggestions?

Jul 2019
I’ve been looking for a certain type of software that can handle multiple things in the same file such as code (C or Python will do), diagrams (graphs, charts, instruments…), documentation (text editing), and mathematical functions. This format is very important for me because I need these things in the same file so I can use them together and interact with each other. For example, I would like to be able to use math’s functions for matrices and code (C if not, I will settle for python) together because this way it’s much easier and won’t take me so long to write the extra lines of code. The documentation abilities (text editing, comments…) would be nice because then I can make note and understand my work easier. Sort of like a mind map on a task. So far, I’ve found nothing that fits these things, there have been close calls like Maple and Mathematica but both need to be used as separate applications and not together. They don’t come with the text editing I want either. Which is why I’m looking for advice from anyone who knows software or something similar that can do these things together? Will it be open source or have to cost? If so, will it be expensive? More or less than Maple or Mathematica?


MHF Helper
Nov 2013
It's not free but I love Mathematica.

It has a steep learning curve. Several actually. But once you really learn how it works there is almost nothing it can't do.