Financial Maths: Nominal Interest Rate conundrums!

Jan 2012
Hi people.

I have an exam tomorrow :eek:

These i can find round about ways to doing them but they are just wrecking my poor brain at the moment.

Here are the questions


If somebody could do them out i would be eternally grateful,

The ones that are really bugging me are the last questions with nominal interest rates conversion to compounding etc. They all seem just a bit confusing.

Im soved the second part and think my answers are correct so that should be okay.

And the first question i am fairly sure i am correct but the APR bit is frustrating me, not 100% sure if i am correct, presume it is just .006^12.

For question 2) i solved the final answer to be 10,042EURO
Dec 2007
Ottawa, Canada
Do you still need help with this?