F test question

May 2010
Hey guys!
A statistics question! Any help would be soooo much appreciated :) Im confused as to whether is an ANOVA 1 or ANOVA 2 test??
A sewage scheme has 4 pumping plants along its route. when concrete is placed at such construction sites, sample cylinders are filled with some concrete, and after it cures, it is tested for compressive strength. sample data from 2 of the pumping plants, plant a and plant b are as follows:

Plant a
Column1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
400 367 390 362
423 541 458 380
386 480 540

plant b
380 481 421 420
375 553 511 419
416 415 396

assume that the populations of compressive strengths are normally ditstributed. Use the F-test to test the hypothesis at the o.o5 level of significance that the 2 pumping plants have the same population variances.

The lifetimes of a sample of 11 batteries from Duracell has s=12.8 hours.
for ever-ready batteries, a sample of 19 batteries gave s=16.1 hours. Use the F test to test if the difference between variances is significant at the 0.05 level of significance. I dont have a formula for this one....
Again any help would be appreciated... :)
thanks guys!