Equations in email with MathType 6.7

Apr 2008
Austin TX
I know many of you already use MathType, so I wanted to let you know about the new version -- MathType 6.7 for Windows. Including equations in MHF is a simple matter with the built-in LaTeX on the Forum, but if you don't know LaTeX or if a particular bit of it just doesn't look right, MathType has a MHF translator built in so you can just paste equations from MathType directly into the Forum editing window. (It works the other way too -- if you see an equation on the Forum that you want to use in Word, in an email, or wherever, just copy it, paste it into MathType, and use it wherever you'd use any MathType equation.)

New with version 6.7 is the capability of including equations in email. Most email clients and webmail services are supported, including Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, and Yahoo Mail.

If you bought MathType 6.6 after June 12, 2010, you're eligible for a free upgrade to MathType 6.7.
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