Do these situations qualify as a binomial experiment and why?

Oct 2010
Binomial experiment consist of n independent trial,
each trial has two possible outcomes success and failure, p and q
p and q is same for all trials.

1) A telephone researcher involved in a television viewing survey calls different homes (random), one each 15 minutes between five and ten. Each person contacted is asked if anyone in the household is watching CNN network program. A trial consist of contacting a household to determine whether or not someone in the house is watching an CNN network program.

I don't think it qualifies because the chances that they are watching or not differs in different times. Therefore the probability of success and failure will not be consistent in all trials.

2) A trust officer examines a sample of stocks listing from those on the new york stock exchange to determine whether or not each stock has risen in price during the past week. Each trial conssit of selecting a stock and determining whether or not the price is risen.
May 2010
i agree with your answer to 1.

(2) is not binomial, as all stocks do not have the same probability of increasing in value, and they do not move independantly.