Mar 2014
Hi everyone.
I am doing research about what happens to light energy after it has been absorbed by a leaf but before it has been used in the photosysnthetic reactions. For that I need to use system of 3 nonlinear ordinary differential equations.

My dissertation title is : A hybrid numerical scheme for a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.
A Model from the paper: A simple model of light use in Photosystem II
Background of model: Dynamic flow of light energy through photosystem II under light changing condtions.

This is my first time writing dissertation, so i am having problem how to structure my project because some how i have to link up dissertation title and model of paper together properly. how can i use system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations in simple model of light use in Photosystem II? it can be either with numerical results or analytic solutions.

Has someone done this kind of research before? any good reference/books will be useful for me.
Sep 2013
Are your equations coupled? if so how strongly/weakly are coupled? For numerical solution your most probable approach would be the finite element method. If they are not coupled, or weakly coupled, you will need to device a way to uncouple them. For a starter you would need to get some insight on how to approach nonlinear equation from the book "Introduction to Nonlinear Differential and Integral Equations" Harold T. Davis, Dover Publisher