Determining Domain and Range from y=af[k(x-d)]+c

Jan 2017
Hello everyone! This is my first post so if I am breaking any rules or doing something wrong please let me know!

I'm doing some review for exams which are coming up soon, and the question I am stuck on is asking for the domain and range of y=-2f(-x+5)+1. Now I assume that first I need to identify the type of function? I know that the a and c affect the y and that the x and d affect the x, but I'm really not sure where to get started here.

I understand this question is fairly basic but I'm stumped, that's why I'm here right? Haha!

Thanks in advance for any support, also if anyone has some good study tips I'll be more than glad to take those too! Thank you!


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Jun 2008
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You would need to know what specific function f(x) represents to find Domain & Range.