May 2010
I'm in the ninth grade and I got this assignment. I'm 99% sure my teacher has the wrong answer. So, just tell me what you would get for this problem? Thanks.

The problem is that you have two hospitals with a certain amount of rooms and two cleaning products with different prices. I won't post the entire problem, just the converting part since that is where I apparently went wrong.

Cleaning Product 1:

spectrokill: 15 000$/m^3 (plus 2000$ for a machine to use it)
covers 50m^2/L

Cleaning Product 2:

javel: 20$/L
covers 40m^2/L

What I did:

I thought you would have to convert the spectrokill into $/L, since 1m^3= 1kL which is = to 1000 L

I did 15 000 / 1000 to get 15$/L and then compared with the other product for each hospital.

My teacher told me you have to find the cubic root of 1500 to get $24.66 but I don't understand why you would need to do that, since you're measuring volume and not distance.
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Jun 2009
I did 1500 / 1000 to get 15$/L

It should be 1.5 $/L
May 2010

I wasn't looking at the problem. it was priced 15 000$/m^3, not 1500.