Confused about statistical tables from journal, appreciate your help!

Sep 2018
Dear all

My name is sonny, I am a beginner for statistics and I have encountered difficulties to figure out the meanings of statistical tables attached below while I was reading some academic papers from university assignment. Regarding table 2, I know how to calculate mean and SD, but have no idea and confused for 1~9, and no idea what formula to calculate it, table 3, I totally lost about the formula of OLS, totally have no idea how the figures are calculated. Can anyone help me with this issues, you help will be highly appreciated. thank in advance.


Jun 2014
The headings 1 through 9 going across the top of the table correspond to the variables on rows 1 through 9 labelled along the left hand side of the table, and the data provided is the correlation between the two variables. For example, in the second row, labelled "2. Patents," there is an entry in the column labeled "1" of 0.227; this is the correlation between variables 1 and 2, meaning between "Business performance" and "Patents." Another example: from the entry in the 8th row and 6th column the table indicates that the correlation between "8. Age" and "6. Knowledge Obtained Locally" is -0.049.

In the second table "OLS" is "ordinary Least Squares, which is a method for determining a "best fit" between two variables, in this case the dependent variable is Business Performance. The row labels are short-hand for the variables being mapped against Business Performance: "IEO" is short of Internationally Entrepreneurial Orientation," "KI" I think means "Knowledge International," which for consistency should have been "KOA" for Knowledge Obtained Abroad - it's pretty sloppy to change the names of the variables unless they explained this in the text of the article.