Accounting - Job Order Costing

Dec 2007
Accounting - Calculating Work in Process

Im not really sure how to calculate the unknown values. I think somehow you use the Cost of Goods Manufactured schedule among other things but I cant figure out how to. Here is the information given:

October 31, 2008
Supplies (direct and indirect) = $79,250
Work in Process Inventory = 58,875
Finished goods Inventory = 60,000
Cost of Goods sold = 576,000
Accounts Payable (materials purchased only) = 17,960
Manufacturing Overhead incurred = 129,500
Manufacturing Overhead applied = 128,700

November 30, 2008
Supplies (direct and indirect) = $73,250
Work in Process Inventory = ???
Finished goods Inventory = 63,000
Cost of Goods sold = 656,000
Accounts Payable (materials purchased only) = 53,540
Manufacturing Overhead incurred = 163,300
Manufacturing Overhead applied = ???

Other Information for November 2008:
Cash payments to suppliers = $60,000
Payroll (including 15,375 indirect) = 83,500
Indirect Materials used = 5,848
Overapplied Overhead (Novemeber only) = 2,750

Instructions: Calculate the normal cost of the work in process inventory which was lost during the fire.

The textbook also says that Direct Materials used = $95,732 and Manufacturing overhead applied = $36,550. Im not sure where those numbers come from or how to get them. Any help on this would be great. Thanks
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Dec 2007
The question is there was a fire at the company you work for. The work in process inventory was destroyed but both the finished goods and materials inventory were undamaged. Then they give you in the information and you gotta figure out what the amount was in the work in process inventory, which im not sure how to find.