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    Finding Polynomial with 2 Roots and a Y-Intercept

    Ok, my calculus teacher is a lunatic and is testing us on every concept we've ever learned in the history of math. How do I do this?? Find the g(x) using a polynomial of least degree. y-int is 16 and roots are -2 and 4 and it's not a quadratic it looks like it goes down then up then down then...
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    Proof of y-intercept

    Hi all, I'm working through some problems at the moment and I am a little stuck on an algebraic rearrangement of a coordinate geometry proof. The problem is as follows: We have a line passing through two points A: (x1, y1) and B: (x2, y2) (where x1 doesn't equal x2). Let P: (x, y) be any point...
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    Finding x-intercept and y-intercept

    y = x2 radical(25-x2)
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    graphing: find the y-intercept, need help!

    So i have two point on my graph (2,5) and (-3,-3) the slope is m=8/5 so y=8/5x + b i take the first point so 5= 8/5 (2) + b 5= 16/5 +b afterwards... im stuck can somebody help me figure out the answers plx(Crying)(Crying)
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    Finding the Y-Intercept in functions, etc.

    So, to keep my brain energized, I'm relearning some of the Algebra 2 I took this past year. Thing is, my brain only retains something excellently for a month before dropping it. Now I'm relearning functions which sound oddly familiar to me. There is a problem I'm stuck on, and would appreciate...
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    gradient of a y-intercept

    y=10-1/2x how do i work out the y intercept
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    Graphing Equations

    Any info on how to solve these would be greatly appreciated! I am in an online math course and it's been years since I've taken a math class so I'm having some trouble. Thanks! 1) Given 5x + 2y = 9, solve for y in terms of x. Then identify the slope of the line and the y-intercept of the...
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    Interpret the slope and the y-intercept in terms of the problem?

    A theater manager graphed weekly profits as a function of the number of patrons and found that the relationship was linear. One week the profit was $11,328 when 1324 patrons attended. Another week 1529 patrons produced a profit of $13275.50. I already found the formula and it is y = 9.5x - 1250...
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    Determining slope and y-intercept.

    So, the equation that I'm given is this: 7y + 12x -2 = 0 and I'm told to determine the y-intercept and the slope of this line, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing that. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Slope and Y-intercept

    State the slope and y-intercept of each line. e) -(x+4)=2(y-3) I dont get how that ans is m=-1/2 b=1
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    Need Help With Graphing With Slope & Y-Intercept!

    Hey there everyone. This is my first, time posting, and boy do I need some help. I'm 16 years old, and am currently enrolled in an extra carricular math program offered by my school. I need to complete several Algebraic problems every day in order to pass the program. Here's the problem though...
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    y-intercept please help

    how do you find the y-intecept when given the points to plot
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    Finding Y-Intercept

    I've been given a problem on finding the y-intercept, and i've been given one set of points (along with the slope) to find out the y-intercept. Now, I'm not allowed to graph, and I dont know any equation on finding the y-intercept, so can anyone help out?
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    equation,y-intercept %

    Need help with this problem The percentage of women in the 20-24 age group who have never married went from 55% in 1970 to 73% in 2000. Let 1970 be year 0 and 2000 be year 30 a) Find and intercept the slope of the line through the points (0,55) and (30,73) ........ I got this one b) Find the...
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    Slope AND y-intercept!!

    Gawsh Im stumped and I need help fast!(Nod) I need to know the slope and the y-intercept of the following equations: y= 3x + 5 y= -6x + 3 y= -3/4x - 1 y= 5/-4x y= 7 + 4x y= -x/5 + 6 (Oh yah the slashes are for fractions!)
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    Finding the slope and y-intercept

    11. State whether each function is linear or non-linear. If the function is linear, identify its slope and y-intercept. a. y=5x-2 b. y=x^2 c. x=4y My teacher kinda skipped on how to find the slope and the x/y-intercept of a function, and I couldn't really find a proper lesson. Can anyone...
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    Find the slope and y-intercept

    2x-4y= -4
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    How to find the y-intercept and slope.

    Hi ppl. If Im given the coordinates below: x: 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 y: 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 How do I find the slope and the y-intercept of the linear equation without using regression or any type of computer software (solve algebraically)? slope: pick to random coordinates like (32, 6) and...
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    Help on Slope and y-Intercept

    Hello, my name is Kierston and in Gr. 9. I have a math question regarding Slope and y-intercept. I am having trouble finding the equation on a graph with points of (4,8) and (4,-6). When you connect the points, it looks like a vertical line not touching the y-axis. Now I know y = mx+b but...
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    slope and y-intercept SUPER URGENT

    Determine the slope and y-intercept algebraically: 2x=3y-5 Use a graphing calculator to verify the answers.