1. J

    Writer with math dilemma...help!..Also Hi!

    Hey everybody, I'm a writer currently working on a novel, and after years of neglecting advanced mathematics, relying solely on basic arithmetic to get by in my day to day life, I now find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I'm currently working on a project where a critical plot device in the story...
  2. Migs

    Hp 50g: How do I clear a Matrix inside Matrix Writer

    Friends: I'm using an Hp 50g. Lets say I enter a list of numbers in the cells of the Matrix Writer. I run some statistics on the numbers and I wish to enter a new list. How do I clear the old one without going an clearing the contents one by one? Thanks amigos, Migs
  3. D

    Reader Vs. Writer

    The Reader Vs. The Writer This riddle is created by me, and is a hypothetical scenario. It's fairly hard, at least for those without university maths I recon. The hard part was constructing the functions, especially the cubic equation was a good and interesting challenge. :) The Writer...