1. R

    Hello world

    Hello all, my name is RecaI. I'm new here! I speak English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Luxembourgish. I particularly enjoy algebra as well as cryptography! Always available!
  2. M

    Is this world problem incomplete?

    Joe charges his phone 2 percentage points per minute. When he uses his phone he loses 5 percentage points per minute. Once, Joe used his phone for some time, and then charged it for twice amount of the time he used it. In the end, he lost 10 percentage points. How long did Joe his his phone...
  3. T

    Percentage world problem help pleaseee

    In an Italian class, 65% of the students were women. At the end of the class, 52% of the men and 44% of the women received a certificate. 1. What percentage of the class received a certificate? 2. What percentage of those who received a certificate were men? please explain and give answer...
  4. F

    RANKED: The world's 20 strongest militaries

    Colorado State vs Utah State Live Stream UNLV vs Nevada Live Stream South Alabama vs Troy Live Stream North Texas vs Southern Mississippi Live Stream Ole Miss vs Florida Live Stream Eastern Michigan Eagles vs LSU Tigers Live Stream Mississippi State vs Texas A&M Live Stream
  5. M

    Last Post of the day- 2 More World Problems - How do I set them up.

    Ok I once again apologize for the frequent posts, i'm studying non-stop today and tomorrow and I need to make sure everything I do is perfect. I hope you guys don't get mad, anywho problem 1 : A student's average on three tests is 75. If the final is to count as two one-hour tests, what grade...
  6. M

    Questions for 2 world problems.

    Hi, so I have the right answers for 2 world problems, but I want to know if I did it the most efficient way, in terms of finding a variable problem ect. ( and not just guessing) 1) How much 50% gold alloy and 30% gold alloy should be combined to obtain 80 ounces of 45 % gold alloy? So I made...
  7. P

    Optimization World Problem Help.

    Keep getting this answer wrong. Help would be appreciated. A fence 4 feet tall runs parallel to a tall building at a distance of 2 feet from the building. What is the length of the shortest ladder that will reach from the ground over the fence to the wall of the building?
  8. F

    Hello world!

    Hello. I'm new here. I need help to learn some math specifications.
  9. T

    What real world applications do Sierpinski numbers have?

    So I'm a senior in high school, and we're on spring break. I was bored and I began a long journey of wikipedia "pass-throughs" and I read about the Sierpinski problem. I was wondering if this question has any real world application. Infact, do most of these mathematical unsolved questions (such...
  10. J

    A mathematical model for the world wide web

    The model of Barabasi and Albert considers the situation when a new node attaches to the existing network consisting of n nodes. This new node has m undirected links, meaning that it is linked to m existing nodes in two directions. If the entire web is built up this way, then the mean number of...
  11. K

    Actual Real World Geometry Problem (In 3D!!!)

    At my job there are several very heavy steel "cylinders‡" (10+ metric tonnes) which stand on three legs. The "cylinders" are about 1.4m in diameter and the legs are about 1.5m from each other (they form an equilateral triangle). The legs can be raised and lowered hydraulically, one at a time, to...
  12. D

    Help real world problem

    Writ and solve a real world problem where part of the whole results in a number greater than the whole itself. HUH. HELP.
  13. J

    Hello, world.

    Hello, My name is Jeremy Andrews, and I'm currently attending Richland College in pursuit of a Computer Science degree. The problem is... well, I'm a little behind on my Math skills. Another problem is that my College Algebra teacher hasn't really been teaching his subject. He just makes us...
  14. maxpancho

    A world problem involving maximization

    A window consists of a rectangular piece of clear glass with a semicircular piece of colored glass on top. Suppose that the colored glass transmits only k times as much light per unit area as the clear glass (k is between 0 and 1). If the distance from top to bottom (across both the rectangle...
  15. M

    How in the world do I prove this by induction??

    Hi all, Firstly let me say, I don't know what I would do without this forum helping me learn. Now, I have only done one example of proving summations by induction, and this one just confuses the heck out of me. Obviously, I know that I have to have a base case, induction hypothesis, and an...
  16. S

    help with these two world problems please

    1. A circle C1 of radius 1 rolls counterclockwise along the outside of a circle C2 of radius 4 which is centered at the origin. Assume that there is a point P on the circumference of the circle C1 that sits intially at the point (4,0). Find a parametric curve describing the way that P traces in...
  17. P

    Road Racing World Championship ·

    TYPEVX of aluminum wheels, sport wheel Suzuki Sport has developed a dedicated at the same time as the development of the Swift Sport. While being sharp, five twin-spoke crossover shape a sense of stability model was designed to fit the body line of the Swift Sport. And rim width, and offset in...
  18. P

    information to the world through sport

    Probability, was it What 6C4 or. And to become even more than 20 years after graduating already, you've had a student like me, I make yourself hard but worthy to..... Arafo take, those high-level is required. Was needed as tranquility become Arafo is the old story. I, I believe am question of...
  19. M

    8th superTmatik Mental Math World Championship

    Dear Colleagues, We are writing to advertise our 8th superTmatik Mental Math World Championship, an international mathematics competition for 6-15 year old pupils. The central principle of this championship is to develop student competence in mathematics from the start of schooling by...
  20. S

    World Series!

    Please explain step by step to complete this. Thanks a million! A play-off championship includes up to five games. Whichever team wins three games first is the winner of the series. In how many different ways can a team win the playoff series? For the baseball World Series, a team must win...