1. S

    this is the problem I am working on. I am not sure how this site works.

    let x+y=81 and the product p=x^2y is maximized
  2. B

    It works but there's a problem

    It works but there's a problem with this the FDA Food and Drug Administration allow you to put trans fat-free and label as long as there's no more than milligrams Transact food so trans fat-free doesn't even mean trans-fat free anymore you guys so turnover related now reading labels gets all...
  3. G

    Having trouble figuring out why a certain equation works, any ideas?

    Hi All Given the following numbers a=2, b=19, c= 3 using the equation: b/c - (a-1) / c yields the result of how many numbers between a and b are divisible by c - I have tested this and it seems to work - but I am stumped if I know why?! b/c gives the amount of times C divides into B using...
  4. T

    Long integral, not sure how the algebra works in there

    In my textbook, it reads: 2 \int ^ { \infty } _0 e ^ { - \eta y^2-2y } dy = \frac { 2 \sqrt { \pi } e^ { \frac {1} { \eta } }} { \sqrt { \eta }}} \int ^ \infty _0 \frac { \exp [ \frac { - ( \frac {y+1}{ \eta })^2 }{ \sqrt { \frac {2 }{2 \eta }}} ] }{ \sqrt { \frac {2 \pi }{2 \eta } } }...
  5. silvercats

    Frame works help

    Basic maths frameworks How to find the reaction force on B in below frameworks? step by step explanation would be appreciated because I can't understand my freak tutorial ! thanks
  6. J

    arithmetic sequences: why finding the nth term works

    I understand HOW to create a formula to find the Nth term in an arithmetic sequence. My question is WHY does it work. I understand what the explicit formula represents and how to use it. I am just lost on why all of it works. Why can I multiply the common difference by the nth term, and then...
  7. wonderboy1953

    Another Latex site which works with color

    Recently I read from here that the color coding no longer works on this website. I tested the color coding from the following website which works: BB Code List - Computer Forums As a further note, this page has a number of codes which may be simpler to use and more effective. Let me...
  8. K

    Finding a function that works

    Hey guys, so i have the following: f''(a) = \lim_{h \to 0}\frac{f(a+h)-2f(a)+f(a-h)}{h^2} and I'm trying to figure out a function that works for that limit, but doesn't have a second derivative at a... been scratching my head over this one for a while lol thanks!
  9. B

    Dont understand how this works

    Suppose y varies directly as the square of x and inversly as the cube of w. We know that y=9 when x=2 and w=1. Find y when x=4 and w=2.
  10. W

    Question on Fraction with exponent (how it works)

    I was going through my math made easy tapes for calculus as I review this(its been 13 years since calc I, and even longer for trig, and alg.) The professor sets up a formula g(x) =X^2 + (1)/(x)^2 Now I am not worried about the calc problem I understand that its simple enough. What confused...
  11. W

    I don't understand how this works..

    Can someone help me understand the following? I can do it all, but I don't understand how M(z,cat) equals 0.79? The Site Wind Speed, Vz, is all the five wind factors multiplied together Vz = V * Mls* M(z,cat) * Mt * Mr (m/s) The information for M(z,cat) is : Terrain Category...
  12. G

    Finding X, Y, and Z

    I have this seemingly difficult math question, I have been trying every way I know to figure it out, but nothing seems to work! (Crying) Here it is, you're trying to find X, Y, and Z. Then add them together for the answer. 5x + y (divided by/over) 15z = 6 0.25y (divided by/over) 5 = 4z 2x -...
  13. M

    maximize area: works one way, not the other

    The question is: A right triangle represents a lot (side a=12m side b=4m). Doug wants to put a rectangular fence in that uses side a and b, and one corner touching side c of the triangle. What ar ethe dimensions that maximize the triangle. Well, I did this question with calculus using...
  14. R

    How it works...

    First of all, this is my first day on the forums, so I sincerely apologize if this topic is in the wrong section. Now to the reason of this topic. I have used google and wikipedia, but I still don't understand sin, cos, and tan. I would greatly appreciate it if somebody would explain them in...
  15. B

    HELP! Fractions, variables, exponents, THE WORKS!!

    (2n/n^3-5n^2) + (2/n^2+ 5n) Please help, i have been trying to figure this out but i cant seem to finsih it! THANKS SO MUCH :)