1. T

    Related Rates word problem: Boating

    A boat is pulled into dock by means of a winch 12 feet above the deck of the boat. a) The winch pulls in rope at a rate of 4 feet per second. Determine the speed of the boat when there is 13 feet of rope out. What happens to the speed of the boat as it gets closer to the dock. b) Suppose the...
  2. J

    Word problem that I need help with

    I am working with derivatives and the problem is: The flight of a spaceship is described by the curve y = x^3 - 8x, x> 0. if the engine is shut off at point P, the space ship will fly off along the tangent line at P. If the spaceship is moving left to right, at what point should the engine be...
  3. nycmath

    Algebra WORK Word Problem

    It takes Ralph 5 hours to paint a fence. Lisa can do the same job in 12 hours. If Ralph paints alone for 30 minutes before Lisa begins helping, how long must they work together to finish painting the fence? My Solution: Let x = the time it takes both to paint the fence I do not know...
  4. K

    Gaussian Elimination (Systems of Equations) Word Problem

    [vendors] sell an herbal tea blend. By weight, Type I herbal tea is 30% peppermint, 40% rose hips and 30% chamomile, Type II has percents 40%, 20% and 40%, respectively, and Type III has percents 35%, 30% and 35%, respectively. How much of each Type of tea is needed to make 2 pounds of a new...
  5. S

    Word problem help!

    Bob is buying mulch for a right-triangular garden with legs of measure 10ft and 26ft. When the mulch is uniformly spread 2 inches deep, each bag of mulch will cover 12 sq ft. Bob plans to uniformly spread his mulch 3 inches deep. What is the closest value to the number of bags of mulch Bob...
  6. J

    Trigonometry Bearing Word Problem

    Explain thoroughly and show the complete solution. And please sketch a picture every problem. It would really help me alot. 1.) The angle of elevation of a balloon from a station directly south of it is 71.6 degrees. From a second station, 2.8 mi directly E of the first one, the angle of...
  7. B

    Looking for a word similar to concentric

    Hello, I hope I am in the right forum; if not, please feel free to move my topic with my apologies! I am wondering if there is a word to denote that two shapes exist within the same larger shape. An analogy is concentric. I am looking for a word that means two shapes which share the same...
  8. R

    Please help with word problem

    I'm just terrible at work problems. I never know when I look at a problem and get frustrated with myself really easily. Here are the two problems I'm currently struggling with. I'll provide the information I have Mr Snipps made four large wire transfers in his hame to an account in the Grand...
  9. C

    little help with simple word problems

    Hi guys, I'm a 2nd year university student majoring in Criminology and a minor in Psychology at Simon Fraser University in the Vancouver BC area. that being said; i'm a fail with numbers... Getting to the point: I have an aptitude test for the Canadian Armed Forces and while reviewing the...
  10. M

    rational expressions (word problem 1)

    i got the wrong answer... where did i go wrong?
  11. C

    Algebra Word Problem

    Hi guys! I'm kind of struggling to put this into algebraic terms, I know the answer but need to show working and just can not get my head around it, if anyone would be so kind and help me out by giving the working and an explanation as to how you got there it would be greatly appreciated. Here...
  12. E

    Sequences and Series Word Problem

    I caught a cold five days ago. Each day after I caught it, I spread it to three new people, as did anyone who caught the cold (beginning the day after they catch it, they spread it to three new people each day). Assuming I was the first person to catch the cold, no one has gotten over the cold...
  13. P

    inequality word problem

    Hey community I'm having issues with the following inequality word problem: A jar contains between 40 and 50 marbles. If the marbles are taken out of the jar three at a time, two marbles will be left in the jar. If the marbles are taken out the jar five at a time, four marbles will be...
  14. A

    Need help with word problem containing fractions

    The answer is C but I'm confused of how thats the answer. Can anybody explain this to me?
  15. O

    Word problem. Ven diagrams

    Each student in a Mathematics class of 40 plays at least one indoor game baru, carrom and scrabble. 18 play baru, 20 play scrabble and 27 play carrom. 7 play baru and scrabble, 12 play scrabble and carrom and 4 play baru, carrom and scrabble. 1.show this information on a venn diagram.
  16. A

    Extension of the Square Root sign in Microsoft Word 2010.

    This is more of a technical question that I'm hoping some of you might have an answer for. I'm trying to use the distance formula in math, but I can't seem to get the square root sign to extend all the way across an equation that I'm writing. For example: MN = sqrt(4 - (-0.5))^2 + (1 - 1.5)^2...
  17. C

    Basic Geometry word question

    Hey Guys, Would any of you guys like to explain to me why. Consider rectangle MNPQ. Can it also be named rectanglePQMN? Can it be named rectangle MNQP? Why it could only be named rectangle PQMN and not rectangle MNQP?
  18. C

    Basic word problem I can't set up.

    Two angles are supplementary. One angle is 24 degrees more than twice the other. Using two variables x and y, find the measure of each angle. Okay, so supplementary = 180 degrees. x + y = 180 degrees. One angle is 24 degrees more than twice the other. (I don't quite understand this part)...
  19. M

    Formula Word Problem

    imgur: the simple image sharer All I have down is the equation down, and just question 23. a) I tried graphing the equation but that doesn't work...
  20. U

    Algebra word problems

    I took advanced applied calculus last semester and i am feeling mighty stupid right now. My girlfriend is talking college algebra 121 as a independent study. We can't figure out this problem, can anyone help? Its just on the tip of my mind, but i don't remember how to do it! Please someone help me.