1. D

    Word Problem help

    Each contestant at a game show starts with 30 points. A contestant earns 10 points for each question answered correctly and loses 5 points for each question answered incorrectly. Mitch answered twice as many questions correctly as incorrectly, finishing with 150 points. How many question did...
  2. H

    MS Word Subscripts

    Just copied from a Word Document to a post and all the subscripts carried over.
  3. B

    Velocity/Net-Change type word problem

    Here is the problem (51): I've gotten as far as finding the function that gives the future amount of oil reserves: Q(t)=(2*109) + 107((1 - e-kt)/k) I have tried working out Q(1), but solving for k is still proving difficult. Any hints?
  4. I

    Word Problem

    I don't know, it should be easy, but I'm struggling. Some guidance as to how to obtain the function would be appreciated. Thanks for any help in advance.
  5. P

    Word problems

    I have three questions i cant seem to figure out, any help would be appreciated. 1) find two numbers whose sum is 84 such that the product of one number and the cube of the other number is a maximum 2) find two numbers whose sum is 78 such that the sum of their squares if a minimum 3)find two...
  6. H

    Word Subscript Mystery

    Replied to a post by copying from a word document and the subscripting didn't carry over. However, subscripting carried over to a new post, as shown below. Now, out of curiousity, I will reply to this post by copying the same material from the Word document and see what happens...
  7. E

    Exponential word problem I'm having trouble with

    1.) Jerry's daughter Marty has asked him to consider a change in her allowance. She has proposed that he pay her 2 cents this week and that he double the amount each week. It sounds good for this week but Jerry is suspicious! How much would Jerry pay in week 5? Week 15? Week 25? Week 50? Should...
  8. P

    Word Problem Help

    Troy has 3 1/3(mixed number) yards of speaker wire. He needs 1/6 yards of speaker wire to make one headphone cord extension. How many headphones chord extensions can he make. Here is what I did: -convert 3 1/3 into 10 -divide 1 by 6 which gives me 0.166666667(infinite 6 but rounded) -divide 10...
  9. T

    Word Problem involving Percentiles?

    I'm doing exam review and am having trouble with this. Can someone please help explain it to me? This is one of the questions: Scores on a Test are worth 40 marks. a) If a student scores at the 80th percentile, what is the students raw score? b) In which percentile are the students who...
  10. A

    challenging word problem

    I've been stumped on this for like an hour!! any help greatly appreciated: In triangle ABC, AB=20 cm, BC=7 cm, and CA=15 cm. When side BC is extended to point D, triangle DAB is similar to triangle DCA. What is the integer value of side DC?
  11. T

    Probability That A Woman Will Give Birth, Word Problem

    The probability that a woman will give birth to a girl during any given pregnancy is 48%. Please check answer to A. a.) What is the probability that a couple planning to have four children will have exactly one girl? P(x) = C(n,x) * P^x * Q^n-x P(x) = C(4,1) * 0.48^1 * 0.52^3 P(x) = 0.27...
  12. R

    Urgent help with statistics word problem needed! Maybe Central Limit Theorem?

    Hi, I'm a psych major and don't know much about stats. I'm struggling with this practice question, preparing for a test. 70 boxes of a supposed mean 250 pens each have been sent to the office. The company says the standard deviation is 5. Having had a secretary count all the pens, he found that...
  13. T

    Can you Check Over MY Work Please - Normal Distribution (Z-SCORE) Word Problem

    The lifespan of lightbulbs in a photographic machine is normally distributed with a mean of 210 hours and a standard deviation of 50 hours. 1) Determine the z-score of a light bulb with a lifespan of exactly 124hours. z= x-mean/standard deviation z= (124-210)/50 x= -1.72 Z-Score = -1.72...
  14. T

    Explain This Probability Word Problem to me (Normal Distribution)

    Suppose that the wait time in the local coffe shop ranges evenly between 0 and 300 seconds. a.) what is the probability that you will wait less than 100 seconds to be served? b.) What is the probability that you will wait more than two minutes to be served...
  15. G

    need assistance on word problem

    problem light travels at a speed of about 300,000 kilometers per second. the distance that light travels in one year is called a light year. the star alpha Centauri is 4.34 light years from earth. how many years would it take a rocket traveling at 6000 kilometers per hour to reach alpha...
  16. G

    I need assistance with word problem

    (problem) Sam picked 1/2 gallon of blue berries. Sam poured the blueberries into one of his plastic containers and noticed that the berries filled the container 2/3 full. solve the following problems in any way you like without using the calculator, and explain your reasoning in detail: A.how...
  17. sakonpure6

    Confusing 'Word' in Physics

    Hi, if a question says: does the "500 N resistance" mean the applied force or the total force of friction acting on the object? Would work = 500N*0.5m? Thank you for your time!
  18. B

    Need help on maximizing revenue, maximizing profit word problems!!!

    Today, my class was assigned 3 problems as extra credit on our upcoming test. Our teacher warned us that they were kind of difficult. We're not allowed to go to any math professors here on campus and I can't seem to find anyone who knows how to do these problems. They are on Maximizing Profit/...
  19. Z

    Traingle word problem

    Traingle word problem need help plzzzzz How would you do this: in triangle ABC, medians are AD and DC they intersect at P. PE = 1.5 PD=2 and DE=2.5 whats the area of AEDC http://www.flickr.com/photos/84615278@N05/8577272747/in/photostream Please tell me how you did it Additional Details A 13 B...
  20. L

    hard time with these word problems

    i need help with a couple of questions: Suppose the generator is asked to produce 10,000 numbers between 20 and 25. Find the expected value and the standard deviation of this data? Brand A sells for $12, B for $25, C$40. Of the USBs sold: 65% from Brand A, 25% from B and 10% from C. The...