1. A

    Calculating probability of winning a "Must Win" contest

    Consider a lottery game, where I need to choose $k$ numbers out of $n$ ($k < n$), and later a random uniform-distribution machine draws $k$ numbers. The probability to win this game is $\binom{n}{k}$. But now consider this: suppose that I am not the only participant in the game, and the game is...
  2. T

    What are the chances of winning a raffle with multiple buckets

    I was at a Ducks Unlimited dinner last night and they were raffling off guns where you bought raffle tickets for $50 a piece and you put your ticket in a bucket. once one bucket fills up with 30 of them then they start a new bucket. my friend and I we're arguing he thought you had a better...
  3. Vinod

    Chance of winning

    Hi members, Each of A,B and C throws with two dice for a prize.The highest throw wins ,but if equal highest throws occur ,the players with these throws continue . If A throws 10,find the chance of his winning. My answer is $\frac{9}{16}$ Is this answer correct?I have...
  4. D

    probability of winning when throwing the dice.

    A and B are two person whom throw a dice alternately and the first person who gets' the number '1' or '2' is the winner. Given that A throw the die first. Find the probability that (a) B wins in the first throw. (b) A wins in the second throw (C) A wins in or before the third time of his...
  5. D

    probability of winning in a competition (first, second and third)

    A and B are together with 5 other contestants take part in a competition. The winners are champion, first -runner up and second- runner up. Find the probability that A and B are winner my working is 3/7 x 2/6= 1/7 the ans is correct. but by doing so i assume A is selected first. then B is...
  6. D

    probability of not winning first, second and third prize

    A and B are among 7 finalists in a quiz which give away 3 prizes, first , second and third. assuming all contenstans have equal chance of winning , what 's the probability that A and B will be empty handed? the ans is 2/7.. how to do this?
  7. S

    Overlapping lottery chances of winning

    Can you please help me solve this probability problem? There are two lotteries for admission into a popular concert. The concert venue holds 85,000 people, all of whom will be selected through two lotteries. The first lottery consists of 30,000 "pre-sale" ticket holders vying for 20,000 seats...
  8. E

    Probability of winning the game with multiple variables

    Hi All, I am trying to solve a complicated problem at least too complicated for me to solve. Lets say I have a game - 100 players play the game in the same time - Players are asked one question every day - Every questions have 3 possible answers and only 1 correct answer - every correct...
  9. G

    Aiming for winning math competitions!

    Hi, I suppose I should introduce myself, because the website told me to! :) I'm a person who enjoys math, like everyone else here obviously. My sole goal is to seek detailed explanation on how to do tricky problems that usually require specific concepts from various areas of math. If you...
  10. G

    probability of winning

    A mail-in sweepstakes posts the information in the table below. There is one grand prize, ten prizes of $100,000, and one hundred prizes of $1,000. Probability of Winning Prize ($) 1/20,000,000 1,000,000 1/20,000,000 100,000 1/1,000,000 1,000 Enter values as dollars!
  11. S

    Probability of winning in the lottery

    In the lottery there are 5 numbers rolled from 35 numbers and for 3 right quessed numbers there is a third price. What's the propability that we will win the third price if we buy one ticket with 5 numbers.
  12. J

    Probability of Winning Tennis Match

    See figure attached below for the question. I was struggling with part a). Is there a systematic way of solving for the sample space in this question? (I'm having a hard time determining whether I've truly written down every permutation of winning) The outcomes that only last 3 or 4 sets it...
  13. M

    need ideas on detecting trends or patterns in lottery...

    Hello everyone, thanks for read this and help me first... motivated by the story of MIT students who built a system to win the lottery, I began to analyze lottery numbers in my city ... Each day there are four draws, each draw leaves a 4-digit number. From 0000 to 9999. For example the 1234...
  14. B

    Probability of winning raffle ticket in euromillions draw

    Hi I am looking to find the odds of buying a winning ticket in the recent euromillions draw (not the jackpot at fixed odds) but to get a raffle ticket correct. There were 80,000,000 tickets sold and the organisers were giving away 100 prizes of £1,000,000 drawn using a random number generator...
  15. P

    Financial Physics - Probability of Winning

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Question: In game A the probability of winning at time t is determined by success (in any game) at the previous two timesteps t-2 and t-1. A win (W) earns one unit of cash, and a loss (L) results in paying one unit of cash. Following...
  16. Maxim

    probability of winning dice rolling game

    Struggling with a difficult (for me, at least) probability problem. Suppose we play a game where we repeatedly roll a dice. First me, then you, then me, etc. When I roll three fours in a row, I win. When you roll four threes in a row, you win. What's the probability of me winning the game?
  17. W

    How to Best Determine Probability of Winning a Card Game

    G'Day, hoping someone out there is smarter than we are at calculating this kind of stuff. At work during lunch, it's been custom to play a game of cards for two rounds - the person to lose the first round of cards has to do the dish washing for the rest of the day; and the loser of the second...
  18. P

    Rhombus side length 'n'. Who has the winning strategy?

    Chris and Michael play a game on a board which is a rhombus of side length n (a positive integer) consisting of two equilateral triangles, each of which has been divided into equilateral triangles of side length 1. Each has a single token, initially on the leftmost and rightmost squares of the...
  19. P

    chance of winning the lottery

    I was discussing the odds of winning the lottery with some people earlier. The chances of winning are roughly 14 million to 1. I said if i bought two tickets my chances would now be 7 million to 1. If i bought 4 tickets my chances would now be 3.5 million to 1 etc. Everyone seems to think this...
  20. T

    Calculate Probablilty of winning Lottery/Bingo over Successive Draws

    I am normally pretty good at figuring out probabilities but this has me stumpped. I am playing in a fundraiser where people select "lines" of 6 numbers (between 1 and 49) just like a lotto 6/49 ticket. Then the public draw occurs and you look at your numbers and if any match with those...