1. A

    Data Forecasting (Wind Speed)

    Hi, I am engineer, therefore, know very little about the typical terminologies of stat and forecasting. Anyway, I tried to explain my prob. in simple word. I want to generate/forecast wind speed values. The data, I have are: I) Mean II) Max. and Min. differences from mean for the whole period...
  2. I

    Wind force on projectile

    Hi. I wasn't really sure what forum to put this in, so I picked my usual one. For a CS class, my group is coding a simple artillery game (like scorched earth, but probably much less impressive). My question: If I treat wind movement like a horizontal force acting upon the projectile (ignoring...
  3. M

    Wind chill problem

    T_{wc} = 13.12 + 0.6212 \cdot T_a - 11.37 \cdot V^{0.16} + 0.3965 \cdot T_a \cdot V^{0.16} This is the wind chill formula, see Wind chill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia T is temperature, V is the wind velocity. Let T = -10 C centigrade at some time and V = 10 m/s. At what rate must V be...
  4. G

    resultatn vector with aircraft direction and wind

    in a control configured aircraft the wind is oriented along V= 2i+7j+20k and with a magnitude of 45 knots. the aircraft is controlled to point along vector X = 4i+7j+3k at a speed of 2450 knots. Find the direction and magnitude of aircraft velocity vector ?
  5. J

    Combined Space and Time Spectrums

    Hi all. I have a probability problem, beyond my knowledge or brain power! Background To give some context, I am looking the effect of turbulence on the design of wind turbine blades. The wind turbine control system can cope with low frequency turbulence, but not high frequency. Hence the...
  6. sharkman

    Speed of Wind

    A girl ran 41 miles with the wind at her back and then ran 39 miles in the same amount of time with the wind against her. if her pace without any wind is 8 miles/hr, how fast is the wind?
  7. M

    Wind Speed Problem

    I have a Algebra II math test tomorrow and I completely do not get this problem. An executive flew in the corporate jet to a meeting in a city 1500 kilometers away. After traveling the same amount of time on the return flight, the pilot mentioned that they still had 300 kilometers to go. The...
  8. C

    Wind Resistance Problem

    If a plane flying 60 degrees northeast at 200 km/hr is struck by a wind that blows due west at 50 km/hr, what angle must the plane fly to maintain the sixty degrees northeast bearing. -- To be honest, I really have no idea how to start this.
  9. A

    Wind loading on guy wires

    As a radio amateur I want to install an aerial mast but I live on a very windy coastal site (90 to 100 mph!). Where I want to install the mast I only have limited space to attach guy wires and as such I want to be able to calculate the strain that would be placed on guy wires if I use cross...
  10. C

    Application - Airplane and Wind

    the course and ground speed of a plare are 70 degree and 400 miles per hour respectively. There is a 60 mph wind blowing from the south. find the approximate direction and air speed of the plane. This is how I learned how to solve it with vectors: v_1 = 400 \langle \cos {70}, \sin {70} \rangle...
  11. M

    Interpreting the Derivative of the Wind Chill Factor Equation

    I have a homework question that states the following: (Chemistry: Wind Chill) At 0℃ the heat loss H (in kilocalories per square meter per hour) from a person’s body can be modeled by H = 33(10√v - v + 10.45) where v is the wind speed (in meters per second). (a) Find dH/dv and interpret...
  12. S

    Airplane and Wind speed problem

    An airplane averaged 160 miles per hour with the wind and 112 miles per hour against the wind. Determine the speed of the plane and the speed of the wind. Is this possible to calculate with the info presented?
  13. A

    Bearing of wind

    A plane, whose speed in still air is 500 km/h, flies from a point A to a point B, 1560km due north of A. Because of the action of a constant wind, the plane must head in a direction whose bearing is 009 degrees. Given that the flight takes 3 hours, (i) Show that the speed of the wind is...
  14. S

    Algebra - Wind problem

    I can't figure this problem out. During a 3000 mile flight, a plane encountered a strong tail wind that increased its speed by 100 mi/hour. This increase of speed shortened the flying time by one hour. Find the speed of the plane relative to the ground.
  15. A

    Speed of wind

    Question: An aircraft flies due north from A to B where AB=280km. The speed of the aircraft in still air is 320km/h. There is a wind blowing from the direction 300 degree. Given that the course set by the pilot is in the direction 357 degree, calculate the speed of the wind. Find also the...
  16. C

    Airplane Wind Speed?

    "An aircraft going from Atlanta, GA to New York, NY on a bearing of S69oE is traveling at a speed of 430 miles per hour. The wind is blowing out of the north to south at a speed of 25 miles per hour. Find the ground speed and the plane's true bearing." Is there any easy way to figure out...