1. E

    What does "space" refer to in this sentence (from wikipedia article on gradients)?

    "In vector calculus, the gradient of a scalar field is a vector field that points in the direction of the greatest rate of increase of the scalar field, and whose magnitude is that rate of increase. In simple terms, the variation in space of any quantity can be represented (e.g. graphically) by...
  2. V

    Problems with plotting a few graphs from a formula from wikipedia

    Hi guys, My math skills is not that good anymore as I dont use it in my field of organic chemistry (University), and I would like your help. Im writing a thesis, and I would like to include some graphs, more or less identical (with minor tweaks) of some found on wikipedia; Kinetic resolution -...
  3. K

    How can this inequality be proved?

    If x, y > 0 and 0 < p < 1, then (x+y)^p < x^p+y^p. It was on Wikipedia:
  4. S

    Help with Wikipedia Shor's Algorithm Derivation

    Looking at Shor's algorithm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I'm finding it hard to understand part of step four of the period-finding subroutine derivation. Why does w^(x0 * y) not contribute to the probability amplitude? It must be equal to unity but I don't understand why?
  5. P

    exponential function on wikipedia

    hi guys, would some one be willing to explain this figure on the wikipedia's article: Exponential function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "The exponential function (in blue), and the sum of the first n + 1 terms of the power series on the left (in red)." - the figure on the right, I...
  6. P

    question about exponential function - based on Wikipedia

    hi guys, I will truly appreciate your help about this particular question! I am wondering why the "the sum of the first n + 1 terms of the power series of the exponential function gives negative numbers" Exponential function - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - the figure on the right...
  7. TriKri

    Good LaTex help article at Wikipedia

    There is also a great article about how to use LaTex at Wikipedia, which even mentions very shortly about HTML and formulas: Help:Displaying a formula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. -Kristofer
  8. C

    Wikipedia error:Inclusion exclusion Theory

    Image:Inclusion exclusion diagram.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For 4 events depicted, there should be 16-1=15 states. 0001 to 1111. (we discount 0000 for the Venn diagram.) But I counted only 13. Is the diagram used to depict 4 events and their intersection wrong? Anybody got a...
  9. A

    Is Wikipedia wrong about Guassian elimination?

    I'm currently trying to understand how to solve systems of equations using Gaussian elimination and back-substitution. I'm also trying to implement some computer algorithms that solve systems of equations using this method. Now I know Wikipedia is not always a reliable source, but I thought it...