1. R

    are you a math whiz? if so help me out:) Homework year 12 Australia, General maths

    I have all these questions to work out the answer to for homework and we are allowed to get any sort of help as long as we get the right answer. There are a lot. but help me out if you can answer any of the questions. Please show working out so i understand what you are doing to calculate the...
  2. J

    Take a WHIZ at this QUIZ!

    hey, i've attached a picture. the following questions refer to it. 1. show that DA/XB=AX/BY=XD/YX 2. In a version of this diagram, DX=429 and DY=845. find the lenght and width of the rectangle ABCD cheers!
  3. dan

    need a computer math whiz!!

    Is there someone here who is famular with Newton Raphson Method of solving nonlinear equations. According to a vacationing programmer it is supposed to help me write a program in C++ or VB to compute W(Z) i.e(compute x in Y=x*(e^x) when y is given). Does somebody know this stuff?? Thanks, Dan