1. I

    Months, Days and Weeks

    There are few similar type of questions that I came across in many test papers. I cannot identify the correct forum where I can post them. So, I thought of posting it in the algebra forum. If you can help me with two-three questions, the I may understand and solve the rest of them. The questions...
  2. vaironxxrd

    7 weeks behind on Calculus

    Hello All, As many of you know I come to this forum quite a lot for help. I'm completing a CS degree requiring 2 years of Calculus. Last semester I was taking calculus 1 and it all started pretty easy until we hit definite integrals and application of integrals. I, for the most part, put myself...
  3. D

    New User . . . finishing up college algebra in a couple weeks

    I have been working on completing college algebra online and for the most part have been doing pretty good. However, there are times when certain problems get overwhelming so I thought I would give the forums a try. Look forward to interacting with people in the math world. dabaker(Rock)
  4. G

    Please some to help with this biz math question, its taken me weeks!!

    I have attached the question with the charts. Here are my answers: I know that I have A1, A1a, and A2 correct. What I need help on are these answers I have come up with: For A3a. I have the answer: Expected duration of the entire project A-C-E-H-J = 27 weeks B-D-H-J = 33 weeks B-F-G-I-J =...
  5. J

    4th Six Weeks Project Help (Triangles & Circles)

    Okay, so I have a project forth 4th six weeks of school, I basically have it done and all. However I have one problem, I am not sure which to label what. I have a circle, with a triangle inside the circle, and inside the circle I have another circle that touches all sides of the triangle...
  6. M

    ***Need Help with online Math quiz*** Final in 2 weeks

    If someone can help me with Factoring polynomials, it would be greatly appreciated (Rofl). College level* I have 8 questions on the quiz, I know some of them though some are hard. Thanks! 8x2(squared) + x - 7 = (8x-_)(x+_) I forgot how to solve for the other numbers. Is it GFC. Can some...
  7. F

    domain and range-test in two weeks yr 11

    how do you find the domain and range of a hyperbola, parabola, linear, circular,exponantial and semicircle graph?????? any help appreacited.