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    How to find APR given the weekly interest rate

    The Question had to do with finding interest rate for a loan in amount of $40 that was to be paid back in a week's time with $50 Here is what I think the Annual Effective Rate is for a weekly interest rate of 25% Is it correct? Thanks in Advance
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    Weekly interest rate applied to four-weekly deposits

    Here is what I have to do, given a weekly interest rate of 2% Initial deposit is $1000 Four-weekly start of the period deposits of $100 for 13 periods Finding the future value of these amounts Here is what I tried Making the interest rate from weekly to four-weekly =(1+0.02)^4-1 =(1.02)^4-1...
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    Help again, largest revenue and weekly profit

    question again... i need some guidance to see if im doing this right -p^3 + 33p + 9 First i did (pq) then i took the derivative to find revenue which i got -3p^2 +33p + 9p = 0 i need to find largest revenue with this equation well i keep getting to -p^2 = -11p -3 is this right? or where do...
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    Maximum Weekly Revenue

    I have a story problem where I just don't know how to set it up. R(t)=50t/t^2+36 R is in millions of dollars and t is in weeks. After how many weeks will the weekly revenue be maximized? What is the maximum weekly revenue? I started doing the quotient rule...
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    Find Weekly Revenue

    If a manufacturer charges q dollars each for footballs, then he can sell 3000 - 150q footballs per week. Find a polynomial R(q) that represents the revenue for one week. Find the weekly revenue if the price is $8 for each football. This is the answer that it is showing r(q)= -150q^2 + 3000q...
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    Amount of Weekly Sales for 2 Salespersons?

    Salesperson A's compensation for any week is $360 plus 6% of the portion of A's total sales above $1,000 for that week. Salesperson B's compensation for any week is 8% of B's total for that week. For what amount of total weekly sales would both salespeople earn the same compensation? Last...