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    Webwork assistance

    I have solved a few math problems for my webwork homework, yet when I enter them into the website it tells me my answers are wrong and I am becoming quite frustrated, can anybody help me? Ex: If 1100 square centimeters of material is available to make a box with a square base and an open top...
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    Two Webwork Questions (Second order)

    I've been attempting these two questions a few times and I countinue to get them wrong. 1) Find y as a function of x if x^2(y'') -15xy' + 64y = x^3 y(1)=6, y'(1)=-5 So I solved the Homogenous equation as a Euler equation. My homogeneous solution is yh= C1x^(8)+C2ln(x)x^(8) then i proceeded...
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    A few Webwork Integral problems have me stuck.

    I am working on substitution and I get far with each question but then I get near the end of evaluating the integrals with differentiation (or antiderivatives, can't remember off the top off my head) and I get stuck or get the wrong answer. here are the ones I am stuck on(I will try...
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    WeBWork Calculus 1241 Sec 4.6 due 4/20/2007

    WeBWork Calculus 1241 Sec 4.6 #1-5 which are due 4/20/2007 and covers Optimization. Perfect Practice only makes Perfect. Look at the concepts as well as the setup I displayed and you shouldn't have any trouble working them your own...Also I am aware that I already posted #5 however I am...
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    Webwork Max and Min Values #2

    #1. #2. I need some help finding the Max and Min of this function. As you can see I took the derivative and set it equal to zero. I know that I need the Critical Points in order to find the Max/Min, but I am wondering how I should isolate the x in order to do so. If I multiply out...
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    Max/Min Online Webwork Problem

    Here is the question: Thus I went about trying to solve this problem in this manner. Note that the Minimum value is correct but the system will not accept 10 as an answer for the maximum value.