1. R

    Suppose a person walks due east from point A for 10 seconds, then stops for 10 second

    Suppose a person walks due east from point A for 10 seconds, then stops for 10 seconds and finally turns around and walks back to point A during the next 10 seconds. Which of the following graphs represent the distance of the person from point A as a function of time measured in seconds? The...
  2. N

    With your knees walks out straight

    With your knees walks out straight donkey calf raises are standing calf raises done in a tent over position so that your hamstrings are stretched to the maximum them remain stretched throughout the exercise stretching the gas truck these as we’ve seen gives you more intense LifeForce T-2000...
  3. B

    Random Walks

    If I had an integer lattice on a plane and a particle on a point on the lattice in the first quadrant, what is a good way to model the probability of the particle reaching either the x or y axis? The probability of the particle going up, down, left, right is always 1/4. And the particle always...
  4. T

    Random Walks

    Help me !!! What's the application of random walks not success ?
  5. D

    'Random walks on boundary groups'

    Hi all, I'm going to take an advanced probability seminar next year - Random Walks on Boundary Groups, which my probability class lecturer recommended. The course book is "Markov Chains and Mixing Times" by Peres, Levin & Wilmer. I've read the first part of the book, which is an introduction...
  6. N

    Random walks and the reflection principle.. HELP!

    Hey just going over notes from college and have hit a wall, I have attached the document, The problem is on page 2, it mentions the reflection principle, Im not sure where the (2i - j) value comes from?? Also If anyone has any good links on these two topics it would be much appreciated...
  7. K

    Hitting and Cover time, Random Walks on Graphs

    Hi, I am trying to work out the hitting time and cover time for two points of a path on nodes 0,...., n-1. Any hints? I've come up with the recurrence relation: H(i,k) = H(i,k-1) + 2k -1 Help would be much appreciated!
  8. L

    graph theory question about walks and cycles

    If a graph G has a closed walk of length at least three containing a vertex x, then G has a cycle containing x. Can anyone explain why this statement is true or false?
  9. Stroodle

    A man walks then runs...

    A man walks at a speed of 2 km/h for 45 minutes and then runs at 4 km/h for 30 minutes. Let S km be the distance the man has run after t minutes. The distance travelled can be described by: S(t)=\left\{\begin{array}{ll}at &\mbox{ if } 0\leq t\leq c\\bt+d, & \mbox{ if } c<t\leq...
  10. N

    Random Walks- Wald's Lemma

    Consider a random walk Ym on S ={0, 1, 2, ..., N } with periodic boundaries at 0 and N , that is P(Ym+1 = i + 1 | Ym = i) = p, P(Ym+1 = i − 1 | Ym = i) = q = 1 − p when i ∈ {1, 2, ..., N − 1} and P(Ym+1 = 1 | Ym = 0) = p, P(Ym+1 = N | Ym = 0) = q, P(Ym+1 = 0 | Ym = N ) = p...
  11. A

    Gambler's Ruin - Random Walks

    Hi all, I was just doing a few exercise questions relating to Gambler's Ruin more specifically random walks pobabilites. I've come across this one particular problem im not too sure off. I cannot seem to make sense of the reflecting boundaries mentioned in the question. I was hoping someone...
  12. N

    Markov Processes and Random Walks

    Hello all! I'm currently facing this problem that is giving me all kinds of fits. I'm relatively new to Markov processes, but I feel like I understand how they work. Unfortunately, figuring out the probabilities for this problem is beyond me. Can anyone lend a hand in explaining this problem...
  13. J

    Walks and Matrices

    Let G be a graph with vertices (1,2,...,n) and adjacency matrix A= (a subtext ij) 1) Find an expression for the number of walks of the form i-k-j. I'm puzzled. I thought I had it figured out as: entry in ik + entry in kj -1 but this did not hold when I looked at graphs with...