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    A question about multiresolution analysis (from a topological point of view)

    Hi, I have a problem understanding something This is a snapshot of a book I am reading Point no. 2 concerns me, because it looks to me like it contradicts itself, with "this or this" The first part says \sum_{j}V_j = {L^2(R)} which, to me, looks completely equivavalent to \lim_{j...
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    Abacus a from a business point of view

    Abacus is a word with which the parents of children of the age between 5 t0 14 are fairly acquainted these days. This has happened as the several players in the market have opened up their abacus franchisee centers in all the major cities of India. The above is true, but another fact that is...
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    Please Need Urgent Help With View Tube Experiment!

    Ok, if my y axis is going up by 20's and my x is goin across by 100 and my line equation is 1199.87=73.84/700x+7 then what is my x? thank you so much!!