1. E

    Video Game stats help.

    I play a lot of World of Tanks and I was looking at my battle statistics, more specifically battles done in different things like different nation, type and tier. A long time ago back when I was in high school, I remember having a test question about taking two sets of data, like battles done in...
  2. M

    Lil Wayne sex tape video onlinekkk

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  3. R

    Math Video Lessons

    Do you think a math video reply to posted questions is a good idea for this site? Why? Why not?
  4. Jason76

    Typo on Video?

    Regarding a surface area problem. The 2nd line from the bottom has 36y^{3} written. That is the result of u substitution u = 9y^{4} du = 36y^{3} dy \dfrac{1}{36}du = y^{3} dy However, it shouldn't be written out there. Or maybe on some videos du would just be written instead. ??
  5. nycmath

    Video Math

    Why doesn't this site have a video math section? I would like to see something similar to the following site here:
  6. nycmath

    Math Video Clip for This Site

    Why doesn't this site have a teaching video clip section similar to youtube? It would be great to see all tutors on this site solve questions on a white board. What do you say? Video clips are far better than latex, right?
  7. G

    New YouTube Video for Stats Help

    New YouTube Channel for Stats Help Hello Everyone, As a long-time TA in Statistics, I have recently launched a YouTube Channel with the idea of providing help for students who are taking courses in introductory statistics and probability. The videos it contains are the online equivalents of...
  8. Y

    Rotation matrix - video tracking

    Hello, I have been stuck on this problem for a few days now, and could do with some help! I have 2 frames of a video, with 5 trackers on an object. In the first frame, I know the coordinates of the 5 trackers and I have defined one tracker as being the origin A. (I have subtracted its x,y,z...
  9. H

    Tips To Utilize The YouTube As The Video Marketing Platform

    YouTube is definitely the ideal web site in make a difference of movie sharing. Not the recognition of the web page is 1 in 10. Here is the worlds most significant movie downloading web page, in which you can get arrays of collections of video clips. Resulting from that because the last couple...
  10. I

    Zero Product Property - Profits of a video game company.

    I understand the technicality of doing zero product property (finding the two-intercepts and what not) but I just don't understand how it works or makes sense in real-life applications. As I'll illustrate with the question I'm having difficulty with. I have the two x-intercepts, I just don't...
  11. Barioth

    Check this Video about Pure math.

    Hi everyone, my teacher show us this video at our first class this semester. It's part of Incendie Made by Denis Vileneuve. What you guys think about that? (note: The video as english subtitle, it's in french)
  12. J

    Programmer doing video game math

    Hello, I'm a computer programmer from New Jersey in the USA. I like to develop video games from home. Often times I get stuck on math questions and today it dawned on me that I should probably join a math forum. I try to be a good forum member by answering as many or more questions than I...
  13. C

    Demonstration Video: Handwriting recognition for maths!!!

    Hi, This will be the last time I bother you with this for a little while. I have produced a rather amateur video (4min) of what I think handwriting recognition for maths should look like. For the time being, I have named it MathPen. What I...
  14. T

    video lectures on stochastic calculus??

    Can you tell me whether a video lecture course of stochastic calculus is available on internet???
  15. R

    Free Maths help videos !

    Hi there, I have started making mathematics tutorial videos which are free and available to anyone, please check out my YouTube channel at robbiecee2 - YouTube I have started my Basic Algebra playlist but will be going right into advanced calculus, trig, geometry, probability etc. so please...
  16. K

    Math Experts Wanted |

    Hi everyone, My company, Demand Media Studios, works with industry experts to produce HD video content for our network of websites. We are currently looking for math and science experts to share their expertise on! You will work with a producer and filmmaker who will take care of the...
  17. MathVideos

    Video Suggestions?

    Hello, my academic friends (: I'm not quite sure where to post this, so I apologize in advance if I'm in the wrong subforum. I'm looking for suggestions for my next academic vlog. Any academic subject is fair game, from math to physics to philosophy. I want my audience to be active in...
  18. MathVideos

    Video: The Building Blocks of Algebra In this video, I explain basic algebra on the most basic level. I hope to make 1 video a week on some academic subject. They will mostly center around math and science. Any feedback or advice for future videos will be welcomed.
  19. MathVideos

    Algebra Help Video

    I have decided to make a video on the fundamental principles of basic algebra. This will be mostly conceptual and will talk about how algebra can arise naturally starting from math as simple as counting. Keep an eye out for it on my youtube channel in the next few days. VideosFromMyMind -...
  20. mash

    If you're traveling 80 miles per hour, how long does it take you to go 80 miles?

    The real meaning of MPH- The Original - YouTube If you're traveling 80 miles per hour, how long does it take you to go 80 miles? That's the relatively simple math question Travis Chambers posed to wife Chelsea on a road trip from Logan, Utah, to Boise, Idaho, to visit her family while his...