vectors or planes

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    Grade 12 Vectors Help

    Find the equation of the line that passes through the point A(1,-4,2) and is parallel to the intersection line of the two planes x-2y+3z-1=0 and x-4y+2z-8=0. This is what I got.. p1: x-2y+3z-1=0 P2: x-4y+2z-8=0 [P1] x 2 2x-4y+6z-2=0 x-4y+2z-8=0 Used elimination and I got... x+4z+6=0 Let...
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    Vectors help!

    Determine the scalar, vector, and parametric equations for the plane that passes through the points A(1, -2, 0), B(1, -2, 2), and C(0, 3, 2). This is what I got... AB = (0, 0, 2) AC= (-1, 5, 2) AB x AC = (-10, -2, 0) <---- normal vector Scalar equation: -10x - 2y + 0z + d = 0 Subbed point...
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    Help on Vectors/Planes

    Theres a question in my mathbook that first asks you to prove that two vector lines are parallel and then asks to find an equation of the plane determined by these two lines? Is it possibly for to parallel lines to form a plane? If so, how do I go about doing it
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    Vectors/planes question

    I cant see how to get the answer for the following question: Find a parametric equation of the plane whose cartesian equation is 2x-3y-z=2 Thanks in advance if you could help!